Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kobe and Hiroshima Trip!

I had some time off for the holidays and went back to America for Christmas week.  But the next weekend after I came back, my friend Megan and I went to Kobe and Hiroshima before starting work again.  I had never been to either of these places so it was a really fun time.


I took the night bus through Willer Express from Shinjuku Station to Kobe on Friday night.  It left at 10:15 PM and arrived at 6:30 in the morning.  This cost me about 7,000 JPY which is a good deal compared to taking a shinkansen which would have cost maybe about 18,000 JPY.  I don't sleep very well on buses so it was a bit torturous but I think it is a really good and cost effective transportation option for travel within Japan.

新宿駅から古部へナイトバスを乗りました。価格は7,000 JPYでした。新幹線の価格は高すぎるだからバスの価格は素晴らしいです。バスで眠れにくいと思います。でも大丈夫でしたよ!

I hope you enjoy my photos from the trip.  I took so many so please click through to see them.  I had a really wonderful time and recommend visiting both these places if you ever have the chance!


Kobe (神戸)

風見鶏の館 (The Weathercock House)

nabe for dinner at an izakaya
Kobe purikura

Hiroshima (広島)

notice about the appearance of the A-bomb Dome (see below)

Memorial Tower to the Mobilized Students- my favorite monument in Hiroshima

The most interesting vending machine I've ever seen selling dashi soup stock with a fish inside!

Hiroshima famous food 牡蠣 (kaki / oysters)

yummy desserts at a cafe in Hiroshima Parco

Itsukushima Island (厳島)

My favorite part of my trip was visiting Itsukushima/Miyajima island!  I knew that it had the Itsukushima Shrine but everything else was a surprise to me.  Deer are my favorite animal so I was so excited that there were many friendly ones here similar to in Nara.  This island is so beautiful and is definitely one of my new favorite places in Japan.


nigiri ten (fried fish paste)

"girl power UP" charms

Megan and Sayaka with a deer

There are many things I didn't have the chance to do in Hiroshima that I would love to go back and see.  The museum closed so early that I wasn't able to visit in the short time I was there.  Anyway, I had so much fun and hope you enjoyed seeing my photos.

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