Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Japanese Ice Cream!

I started (attempting) making Youtube videos!!  It's been kind of fun so far actually.  I think I got the hang of iMovie pretty qucikly.  I made one about my Kyoto trip but I felt it wasn't that good.  I didn't really share it but I left it up there anyway and some people actually told me how much they loved it!  So, I made this video I was really excited about.  It's about a couple different kinds of Japanese ice cream you can find in konbini (convenience stores) in Japan!  I hope you like it.  Please subscribe to my channel too!

If you have any questions or ideas for videos, let me know!

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Friends in Japan

I am long overdue for a post but I have been super busy lately.  So I've had a lot I wanted to post about but couldn't decide the best way to present it.  I just came to the conclusion that it might be best to condense a few fun days into one post.

Living in Japan is a lot of fun, but it can be really isolating at times.  It's difficult to make friends in a place like where I live (not a city like Tokyo), especially if you're not fluent in Japanese.  It's also hard to have people to talk to because all my friends are in an entirely different time zone.  Despite all of that, I have met some really wonderful people in these short few months here.