Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Sanrio Character: Hummingmint

I mentioned in my last post that deer are my favorite animal so it's no surprise that I have been so excited about this new Sanrio character named Hummingmint!  The Sanrio Japan website offers this description:
Hummingmint is a small fawn girl who loves to sing songs.  Her charm point is her pink heart nose and white heart pattern.  She is January's stylish character debut! 
Hummingmint is not the first deer Sanrio character.  Deery Lou, a brown, male deer character, was created in 2002 but I have not seen much of his merchandise in the past few years.  Deery Lou's color scheme is a lot more vibrant than Hummingmint's whose signature colors and product designs remind me a lot of Swimmer brand items.

There is already a selection of merchandise available, all of which I am quite taken with.  My sweet friend Kaley already bought me this cup and chopsticks set as a gift!

I still have my heart set on getting the little plushie and a backpack to use when I go out with my camera.

Check out the new Hummingmint merchandise here!
Let me know who your favorite Sanrio character is in the comments.  Is it even possible to choose just one? ~♡


  1. Aww she's adorable! ♥ I really want the plushie *-*
    My favourite are Sugar Bunnies but it's true that Sanrio has too many cute characters XD

    1. Ahh yeah I am def with you on the plushie. Sugar Bunnies are so cute but like you said, so many to choose from!

  2. This is my first time hearing of this new Sanrio character! Hummingmint looks adorable~ ;u; and the merchandise is so cute!! <3 Thank you for sharing, Carly!
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Right! I think it's so cute! I hope they sell some of it in America soon. n_n