Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Almost 2 Weeks in Japan

I arrived in Tokyo last Thursday.  I feel so lucky that I was upgraded to "business elite" for free during my second flight.  I just asked to have my seat changed so my boyfriend and I could sit together and I guess they overbooked the regular seats and underbooked the more expensive ones.  First class was full of people like us and the flight attendant told the two Japanese girls in front of me that the shouldn't keep worrying about being kicked out because they were in the right seats.  Basically, this is a once in a life time experience unless I win the lottery and every plane ride from here on out is going to be a serious downgrade.

Here I am with my free champagne rocking the "this flight is too long" look.

After one night in a tiny Tokyo hotel, I spent the next week training in Yokohama.  I can't say much about my job because of contract things, but I will say I don't have any regrets choosing to work with this company.  The rest of the ALT companies don't seem like they would have worked well for me so I'm more than happy with my choice to go with Interac.

My first 7-11 breakfast of my trip

I bought it because I liked the little anime girl on it.

Mr. Donut is amazing

Yokohama is amazing especially with the weather that's 100x better than what I left behind at home.

I just moved into my apartment a few days ago so I will probably make another post about where I live once I get settled.  Sorry if this post was a little dry but I'll be able to share more exciting things soon! If you're interested in seeing more photos, follow my Japan photo Tumblr!

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  1. YAAY! Soooooooooooo jealous over that seat upgrade, i'll never get over it omgggg i wish that could happen for me someday uff but probably never will lmao. Can't wait to get more blog updates once you're more settled! Especially will look forward to your recounting your trip to Tokyo this weekend hopefully with lots of pics!