Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School

I kept seeing all these people make back to school posts with their favorite cute finds and it got me really excited about doing a post like that too.  But... I'm done with school so I'm not going back. That's not stopping me from finding some really cute things that people who are still students would find useful or considering getting these for non-academic use.  I guess this is kind of a back to school wishlist.  I didn't put anything too expensive on here.  Most of it is rather affordable and the nice thing is that websites like Sanrio often have discounts that they send in emails or have a lot of things listed in clearance. n_n

Currently on sale!!  Milkbbi is really cool because he is an independent artist.  Supporting small businesses is the best.

B&N has a lot of bookend variations in addition to this one if you're interested.  I have these in blue owl shapes.

This comes in a bunch of patterns!

Sadly I noticed these are out of stock but I couldn't resist adding them to the list because they're by one of my favorite artists.  I go to her store a lot and take papers like these.  They use as tags for the clothing they sell, but have them for free near the postcards advertising their gallery shows so I use them as bookmarks all the time.  Maybe this could inspire some DIY bookmarks made of postcards from art galleries?

I have gotten these Tokidoki calendars for the past 2 years. The art in them is amazing and I always keep them around when the year is over so I can hold on to the art prints.

I actually have some similar to this that I hardly use because they are so cute.  There are a lot of variations of these if you just Google "kawaii bookmark stickers"!

I got one of these during the winter and it's been the best because it doesn't cost a lot, it's thin, it doesn't fall apart like paper folders, and it keeps all my papers from getting wrinkled.  I got mine from Kinokuniya books in NYC.  The click through is just to a Google shopping search because there are a bunch of variations of these if you use the search terms "kawaii plastic file folder".

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