Friday, November 21, 2014

Design Festa 2014

This is really overdue but I felt like I still should make a post about it because it was so much fun!  I went to International Design Festa which is a huge art convention that happens twice a year in Japan.  It takes place at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba which is kind of far from me but if course I went anyway.  The event only costs 800 JPY for admission in advance and 1,000 JPY the day of.

he whole building was full of little tables of artists selling their work.  There were also some artists doing live painting and an area for performances.  I didn't bring my camera though but I think it wasn't such a terrible decision just because the event was so hectic and I did not feel like carrying that heavy thing around.

There were really so many cute artists whose work I loved and I took business cards from all of them!  I followed a lot of their twitters so you if you're curious, you can check out this little list I made here.  I'm thinking of doing a write-up on some of them in the future.

I loved this girl who did live painting in a seifuku.  It made me want to try and paint something big too.

Not entirely sure what was going on here but I was down for a photo.

Here are a couple shots of things I bought from artists there!

From the Japan Lover Me booth!  These pins are by Little Miss Paintbrush.

I love this cute little framed embroidery piece. n_n

You can't see it well but it's a gift for my local Japanese friend.  It's a photo holder that looks like a strawberry cake and they even packaged it that way too!!

This pin is amazing but difficult to photograph.  I bought it from this sweet girl who looked like she should be working in the Spank! shop.  She doesn't have a website but her instagram is here.

This event was really so much fun.  I highly recommend going to Design Festa because it's a really inspiring experience.  It's a good way to meet and learn about other artists as well as purchase original artwork at a reasonable price.  I did a lot of gift shopping too.  I spent a lot of money here but it was definitely guilt free because I knew the money I spent was going directly to an independent artist who more than likely was the person I just physically handed my money to.

I had so much fun blogging in Japanese last time around and I will resume that with my next post on my trip to Mt. Fuji so stick around~

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